Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Golf Tips - How To Hit The Best Shot From Under 100 Yards

You should know after reading how to control distance around the greens how this should work. In this article I am giving a real example while on the golf course. Kind of like a playing lesson. Since we are discussing controlling your distance with the sand wedge we will talk about a shot often faced on the golf course many golfers absolutely brutalize. And quite frankly its pretty embarrassing.

Here is our scenario:

You have a 50 ya rd shot from where the ball rests to the pin location. Since we now know how far we can fly the ball in the air after our sand wedge drill lets take a closer look at the green and where we want the our ball to land so we can get our ball up and down. After determining where we want the ball to land we determined we want to the ball to actually fly in the air 43 yards giving us about 23 feet or 7 yards of roll and release to the hole.

With this shot we don't want something too low that is going to skip and run way past the hole so we rule out a pitching wedge for this shot. Now you are left with the decision of whether to use your 56 or your 60 degree wedge. Assuming we are in the fairway let's determine what Sprinkler our lie is like. Is the fairway firm or a little soft so that our wedge can easily get under the ball. A firm fairway might lead us to the 56 with less bounce enabling us to pinch the back of the ball eas ier than the 60 degree.

But lets assume we can easily get the club under the ball. With that we choose a 60 degree because with a short shot of 43 yards the ball will be slightly hot when it lands so we need to give a little loft and room to skip and then check to the hole. Now with your practice earlier you are going to take your back swing to the part of Sprinkler System Installation Euless the clock that will produce a shot that flies 43 yards in the air.

Now, after you got the picture in your head about ball flight, and the feel for the distance we will take our "43 yards in the air swing" with our sand wedge. By getting this picture and committing to it you will begin to see results and improvements in your short game.

This is not an exact science but this allows you to be very sure of the stroke you are about to make and frees up any doubts you have thus giving you the best chance to http://www.gardena.com/uk/water-management/sprinkler/ hit a great shot. Even if it doesn't turn out perfect you managed to stay firm with how you approached this shot. Over time you will hit more good ones then bad ones.

By: Brad Long

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